Miss Martini Corsets

formerly iriscostume

commissions for august/sept
Fin Teal Silk commishCollapse )
emily workman underbust closeup.

This one is black and chamois' tattoo for you' fabric
Tattoo print commissionCollapse )

Bespoke commissionCollapse )

AND.... this one which is due after the first two... these are the options for the layout of the peacock fabric
Pics moreCollapse )
This is the concept image for the alternating cotton print panels of the floating lining

I also have a corset dress which im up to toile number two. this is for a photoshoot collaboration so this one is being done in my spare time :S

Underbust corset comish.

Im glad to say that i havent been posting much because ive actually been busy with paid commissions.
Thankyou FaceBook! its a learning curve going from retail to having to prostitute myself on the internet.

Heres a commission for a friend who won my first fb giveaway - which was 30% off a standard size tightlacer.
I seduced her with the idea of pretty fabric and some guipere (sp) lace instead of a plain black corset.

Heres a pic but its still not quite finished, has some handsewing to do, Id like to stitch the lace flat to the corset, the hanging effect doesnt appeal to me. And then im going to stitch in some spiderwebs in the gaps of the lace, to match the teal spiderweb on the cb panels. Youll see what i mean when ive done it:).

I found the silk gets dirty looking very easily :( and it looks discoloured but i cant tell if its the light, the heat from the press or handling. ive seen a doll painter work with mesh gloves on, i think this would be a good idea, IF i could find some that is...

tightlacing corset USD$160 for sale etsy :)
Sample fer SALE NZD$200/ USD$160.00
I have a heavyweight satin and coutil tight lacing underbust corset for sale.
It is a sample where I wanted to try out flossing and external bone channels. Ive moved on to produce this style with different black satin.
Satin black flossed corset front cropped. UB corset black satin wflossing 20 inch.

Closed corset measurements
UB 24"
W 20"
High Hip 26.5" corset closed. (apprx 10cm down from waist)
suitable for waists 22" - 26"/

Laybuy is welcome $50.00 deposit expected . Four payments of $50.00



SUPERSALE ebay listing 3 days only
Hi there, im in New Zealnd and i sell my corsets under the name MissMartini Corsets
I have one to sell to give me much needed cash to pay for my VenaCava order :)

SALE Reserve $30 USD
Must use paypal
I need more money for supplies!
so im selling this one which hasnt even been on a photo shoot
more pics here than on the ebay listing. .
Icecreams are upside down :S
Best fit for waist
25.5" - 65cm MINIMUM to 29" - 74cm MAX
shop size 8-12 USA if that helps
CLOSED measurements of corset
UnderBust - 26.5" - 66cm
WAIST - 22.5" - 57cm
Hip - 29" - 74cm
Vertical measurements
Centre Front Length - 10" - 25.5cm
Side Length - 9" - 23"
Centre Back Length - 10" - 25.5cm
big picsCollapse )BIG PICSCollapse )
carnical cones corset ub

(no subject)
Ruffle bra

Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )

(no subject)
photoshoot ideas 1Collapse )

finished stnd size wais ttraining corset
FAT pics sorryCollapse )

Sewing Plans for 2013
Rant before list of items for 2013Collapse )

**Corset for myself - half done!

**Black cherry print blouse dress (for me)
- keep altered pattern for future, sleeves to go.
 - Then sew up finished dress

Vintage western Blouse - Got Hayley to try it on and glad i did, the sleeve head needs to be moved closer to the neck, very big puff on the sleeve

Vintage 40s frock - shorted sleeves, hem and beading around neck line for more 40s look

Champagne corset - Lace layup and ext.bone channels (what colour)

Bags - leopard velvet bag

MonsterHigh Wardrobe -
~Pvc peplum jacket
~bomber jacket, pink ladys inspired
Boys goth stuff
   `~ Long cassock/trench

Rockabilly frocks in mind....
Ive really enjoyed making the girly cotton frocks that ive been doing, like this one http://iriscostume.livejournal.com/88649.html
and ive been pattern and fabric shopping.
Dont reeeeaaaly need patterns as im tending to look at all the 70s pattern stash i have and using the blouse shapes for the top part of the dresses.

Can i go grocery shopping after that spend up? (and i bought the expansion pack to Oblivion pc game. Norty)

25 for 2metres cotton (no sample of quality)  25nzd for 2metres trademe

Moar and moar picsCollapse )

I sold the dress on auction but havent heard any feed back from any of the people that have bought them, which makes me think they are terrible in fit or something :(
I will have to track down some lady friends for their measurements so i can use them as test dummies for fit......
Why do they have to be so far away grrr.

Im STILL working on all the singlet style frocks for friends shop, at least im on the home run - i just have to do it.
Havent done any  more on the champagnelace corset until i get these singlet dresses done, at least theres no deadline pressure.
I have few weee things to make and fix up before posting them away and they do have time constraints.
Ive been enjoying the re-incarnating warmth of the sun (and falling asleep in it) its spring going into summer here in the southern hemisphere. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Good riddance winter spent in an old house with no insulation!

im also practising another knitting techneque, woot! then i need to learn how to read a pattern!
I want to make a teacosy for my new teatop that sits atop its matching wide brim cup. n_n

Sewing book......

I am SOOOOO coveting this book atm !!!
especially since falling in love recently with making girly frocks inspired by the 40s-50s mostly
Im more interested in the sewing techniques than any thing, and i see it even covers the diamond shaped gussets that go in the armholes.....would set me back at least NZD$50 and its a bit hard to spend my food money on a book i cant flick through first

Gerties vogue book nz50 total   Gerties vogue wiggle dress with armhole gussets
Then there is the original which is about $200 plus USD$
i thought i saw it for about $114 somewhere but obviously i was dreeeeeeeaming. :3    
i figured maybe go the whole gog and buy the original?
If im really honest with my self i think i already have some vintage sewing books (man they are the best!) and if i could mention garage saling (lol i mean sale-ing)  to my friend J i would pick up some more books, or op shops, theres pleny of original granny untouched op shops around here (Christchurch, New Zealand) if i had the room in my flat its the perfect time to go to garage sales for vintage furniture as people are moving homes and moving away because of the earthquakes

ONLY     ..... 2 collectible from $298.00 and thats usa dollar
pffffffffffft if it was closer to $100 id seriously consider it.


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