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2014 first entry

its been a very long time since ive posted but I will never forget livejournal <3
Ive been busy taking commissions and now I have a part time job FINALLY, im either at work or doing my own work. Or sleeping/internet/games.

Now that i can afford to buy food I can relax and dream again. I am dreaming of enough space to have my own studio.
My bed sit is (hang on im going to measure) ok its not even 5mx5m my bedroom/lounge/sewing space.
Now that Christchurch's reliably old buildings cheap on rent are gone, theres little chance of finding somewhere without some massive maximum effort on my part. (the 2011 earthquake, im not even sure whatt year! and i was here too).

Im easily confused in thinking that I would like a man/partner/thing but really im fantasisiing that I could take advantage of their living arrangement somehow.

Im not really making enough extra cash to pay more than $200 a month for somewhere including power, and homes are short for the ones made homeless by the quakes, what with the EQC (quake commission and insurance companies) not putting money out for homes to get fixed AND the city council sitting on money that was supposed to be for new social housing like 2-3years ago.

So i cant do anything to big sewing project wise because of space, and im starting to lose and misplace items because of limited space. IVe considered getting rid of my couch but thats just silly. Im not very clever when it comes to socalising as it is so chucking the couch is a silly thing to do. Might need it!
For now all i can do is sit on the idea and tell people about my desire for a space, maybe something could crop up from that.

Im on my 2 week break from work, its unpaid because ive only just started, its giving me time to catch up on my sewing commisions.
I made this dress, which was my first dress commission through my new label name.

cherry halterneck dress commision

I wasnt interested in this kind of girly thing for sooooooooo long, now i am.
things i have learned.
*White shows every wrinkle, every stain and any colour underneath it
*longer zip
*wider waistband belt
*zip needs hookeye or snap to help keep it striatght while its being zipped from the bottom
*strapless at the back, does it need boning or shirring to help keep it up.
*lining or organza lining is extra $25.00

Hopefully i can catch up with the client who is actually in the same country and town (nearly) as me!!
Internet clients are so unstatisfying :(

                                                                                        the peacock corset

beks commission

This one ive now lost the notes I took about the adjustments i need to do to finish this. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
This i blame on the layout of my teenytiny workspace.  I remember seeing it somewhere. :(  I will have to go out by bus and try and catch her again. Luckily the client is a friend. But i am still pissed because if it wasnt and I couldnt just go and see them again. Maybe I could just wing it so it it get done. I kept some notes with the pics i took but they arent as clear as my drawn diagrams.
im off for a coffee now.
And i can t find my glasses. just as well im near sighted and can still mostly see :P

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That peacock corset is gorgeous.

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