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Kabella shop
Went and had a quick look at the empty shop so we could figure out what space will be used for the sewing room.
It is small, say 4x3.5 m  ish?   I measured it up and I will sit down and draw up what machines etc will fit. Probably just one work table, a plain sew and overlocker. the rest maybe storage for fabric/client info etc.

Will be moving my sewing stuff from my current studio that is relevant to Ks shop and I will take the rest home.
Ihave a flat now and it is brandnew and bigger so no problems storing my personal sewing stuff and fabric hoarding.

My current studio has quietly turned into into tatyannas studio which she graciously shares with us. The other two tennants are happy to have their personalities 'squashed' by Tatayanna, and she is very unflexible, I decided I had done the best I could with out running away from the situation but it still wont work for me.  the space its self is awesome, about 10 bicycle ride away from my home, but Im already thinking about moving away from it anyway, even if it means having no studio space at all and just storing it in my flat, not making a sewing space for it. Fuck it, Im over it.

While still workiing out details to move into the sewing room in Ks shop, if it doesnt work out, I asked Bek if shed help me move my sewing gear into my flat just to get out of there. Any moving wont be done til the end of this month.

Below are some pics I took of the notes tatyanna left on the wall of the shared space, telling us how to clean. This is after we had a cleaning roster put up which we all agreed on and as far as Im aware and can tell, everyone had been sticking to it. This note however, is not acceptable in a shared workspace to me.


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