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Wordpress blog for MIss Martini Corsets

I am moving my wix site www.missmartinicorsets.com to wordpress, I will span the move out over the year.
I like the ability to EASILY stay in touch with followers who subscribe by email, and I can track how many veiws I get here
on wordpress.
I am also hoping to transition the way my label runs by selling on behalf/wholesaling to retail outlets and take any private client commissions through the retailer.  As much as I would like to be a superwoman and do everything myself including sales and marketing, I prefer to design and construct in the privacy of my studio and not chase sales up on the internet which I have been doing the last few years...and not very well as I dont  enjoy it.  So I have found some one who is far superior at it than me and I am happily handing over the job of sales! :D

Now I am concentrating on making a few plus size samples for easter, including for a private client who does my hair.
I am also tinkering with fabric design for another designer, its a bit of a surprise as I havent said that I was going to do it, but I enjoy it so much I couldnt resist.


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